About us

Better Chemistry

Our Mission

We deliver reliable and innovative solutions in crop protection and plant nutrition, combined with professional support and expert advice. In the process of creating and implementing the best solutions for our customers, we strive for the widest possible use of knowledge and technologies developed in the countries we operate in

Vision - INNVIGO 2025´

INNVIGO is a Polish company that operates in all important agricultural markets in the world. We are one of the five leading suppliers of high-tech agricultural chemistry on all markets we are present in. We develop innovative solutions in agriculture, in particular through supporting scientific  research and education.


Our values

What you give, is what you get

We believe that what we give comes back to us with a vengeance. We know that accuracy and reliability are core values in building any business therefore, based on the principle of reciprocity, we believe that those will be appreciated by the Customers with whom we are pleased to collaborate.

  • We care about the development of our business partners, we respect their time and capital
  • We are guided by the needs of our customers -  listen to them carefully and recommend the best solutions
  • We are focused on achieving tangible results in line with business ethics and respect towards others
  • We are constantly searching for new, better and more efficient solutions
  • We combine creativity, speed and efficiency with the best standards and management culture

About the Company

INNVIGO is a Polish producer of specialized chemistry for agriculture. We focus on high quality products that protect crops and increase yields with respect for natural environment. The name INNVIGO reflects our approach to business development: innovation, energy, vigour, engagement and enthusiasm.
Understanding of agriculture, innovative approach to tackling problems and seeking new solutions that increase product quality are key qualities of INNVIGO.
Company means people. That is why our team is composed of the best specialists who gained their professional experience in well-known Polish and international companies.
We fulfil our mission and vision in accordance with our rules and values.
We are a team of enthusiasts that put every effort to deliver the best possible service to our customers and contribute to dynamic development of our company.
Everyday contact, listening to one another, exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience is our way to go.
Each of us has unique knowledge and professional experience. Together we constitute a solid foundation for further dynamic growth .
Company means people. Together we create a unique value - INNVIGO.


The Board of INNVIGO consist of enthusiasts with many years of diverse experience gained at national and international levels. Members of the board are experts in the fields of agriculture, marketing, sales and overall strategic management. From their experience they chose what is most valuable in order to create an innovative company.

Krzysztof Golec

Krzysztof is an effective and valued manager with over 25 years of experience in strategic management in the area of  crop protection.

For many years Krzysztof successfully managed Polish branch of  global  company operating in the field of plant protection products. His commitment and engagement led to a significant increase of sales and to strengthen company’s  position on the market.

Krzysztof’s  knowledge on efficient management let him implement business solutions that allow to meet the expectations of customers. In recent years, Krzysztof was actively involved in Six Sigma projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa introducing new plant protection solutions and products.  
Krzysztof’s innate Energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour  inspire the Team of INNVIGO during daily work.


Jacek Zawadzki

Manager with over 20 years of experience in the field of plant protection, having expertise in project management, business negotiation, sales and finance. Jacek for many years worked for one of the leading chemical companies, where he had a significant contribution to the creation of  Polish branch. With his success management in the areas of  marketing and sales, strategic changes were implemented in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe.

He trained managers from other countries, using both knowledge and experience, as well as an innate charisma and ability to team work.